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The plains of Yuma County might be home to the lowest point in Colorado, but a visit here can be a high point of your Colorado travels.

The beautiful, rolling hills surrounding Wray disprove the notion that the plains are flat. The Wray Museum has remarkable exhibits, including some permanent displays created by the Smithsonian, that explore the area’s rich history all the way back to the Stone Age. The large Paleo-Indian bison kill site discovered nearby and the epic 1868 Battle of Beecher Island, in which the U.S. Cavalry held out for days against united Plains Indian tribes, are covered in the museum. The spot where the Arikaree River flows from Yuma County into Kansas is 3,315 feet above sea level, making it the highest low point in the country.

The heart of Yuma is Lake Yuma, affectionately known as the Duck Pond, where events take place year-round; the Yuma Museum is open near here on weekends in summer. In June, runners can take the 5:10 to Yuma, a 5k/10k run that winds through the pretty countryside around Yuma. Each September, Yuma honors its agricultural roots with Old Threshers Day, where people show off antiquated but still operational farm equipment, demonstrating how to thresh wheat and husk corn. For more information, please visit Yuma County.


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