Washington County

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Downtown Akron 

Washington County boasts fresh air, wide open skies and friendly faces.

Unless someone discovers a bald eagle who plays baseball and bakes apple pie, there’s nothing more quintessentially American than Mom’s Kitchen Cafe in Otis, where you can get country-fried steak and cinnamon rolls that have been voted the region’s best. Five Star Dining and Grill in Akron serves great American and Mexican food, while Cornerstone Coffee is a favorite for breakfast and lunch.

Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area has camping, boating and opportunities to hunt waterfowl, pheasants, quail and deer. The Washington County Golf Club has a nine-hole course that draws golfers from more than 100 miles away. On summer Sundays, the Washington County Museum lets visitors tour a historic schoolhouse and train depot. The volunteer fire department in Otis puts on a spectacular Fourth of July celebration with a great fireworks show. Later in the summer in Akron is the Eastern Colorado Roundup, a county fair with carnival rides, fun fair food and animal exhibits. For more information, please visit Washington County.


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